Open House – Kulturforum Alte Post, Neuss – 1.2.19 – 3.2.19

I am very proud to share that I just installed my works that will be exhibited during the Open House at “Kulturforum Alte Post” in Neuss from 1.2.19 to 3.2.19.

Opening on 1.2.19 will be from 18:00.

Here is a foretaste

Je suis très fier d’informer que j’ai fini d’installer mes oeuvres qui feront partie du “Open House” au “Kulturforum Alte Post” à Neuss du 1.2.19 au 3.2.19.
Ouverture le 1.2.19 à 18:00.

Voici un avant-goût

1st Pencil Work Acquired – 1ere Oeuvre Crayon Acquise

I am very happy to share that for the first time one of my pencil works has been acquired. It fills me with joy to imagine it being enjoyed and taken care of. It’s a great feeling.

Je suis très heureux de raconter que pour la première fois une de mes oeuvres en crayon a été acquise. Je suis rempli de joie en imaginant qu’elle est appréciée et entre de bonnes mains. C’est un sentiment merveilleux.

Poster – Annual Meeting 2017 – Venezuelan Dermatology Society

I created a work to be considered for the poster of the Annual Meeting 2017 of the Venezuelan Dermatology Society.

My proposal was luckily selected! Here is the final poster of the Annual Meeting 2017 of the Venezuelan Dermatology Society

J’ai crée une oeuvre pour être considérée pour l’affiche de la Réunion Annuelle 2017 de la Société Vénézuélienne de Dermatologie.

Ma proposition a heureusement été acceptée. Voici l’affiche finale de la Réunion Annuelle 2017 de la Société Vénézuélienne de Dermatologie.

Printemps – Ubersetzung

At the opening ceremony of my exhibition Frühling, Herr Cieslik, Meerbusch Culture representative, surprised me during his touching speech with an incredible gift: the translation of my poem Printemps to German.

Here it is:


Ein Gefühl von Veränderung,
kaum wahrnehmbar und doch pulsierend,
erfüllt mein Herz.
Ein beginnendes Wiedererwachen,
eine Hoffnung, eine Einladung,
zu glauben, dass die Zeit
wirklich gekommen ist,
Kraft zu schöpfen und zu erwachen.

Frühling – Stadtbiliothek Meerbusch – Open/Ouverte

My exhibition Frühling is now open and will stay at Stadtbibliothek Büderich until April 21st. If you can’t visit it, you can see my works exhibited here and read this article  in the Rheinische Post.

Mon exhibition Frühling est désormais ouverte et restera à la Bibliothèque publique de Büderich jusqu’au 21 Avril. Si vous ne pouvez aller la voir, vous pouvez voir les oeuvres ici et lire cet article  du Rheinische Post.


Frühling – Stadtbiliothek Meerbusch

17 March – 21 April 2017
Stadtbiliothek Meerbusch

Je sens un changement
imperceptible et fébrile
qui me remplit le cœur
un renouveau qui commence
un espoir, une invitation,
à croire que l’heure
de se ressourcer et réveiller
est bel et bien arrivée

Spring is an incredible time that I am always looking forward to, longing for. Birds flock and sing louder, crisper. Flowers appear, bloom, grow. Active bees are busy all around. Air is full of hope, of a renouveau. Nature blooms and shines in front of us.

Through the works that I present in this exhibition, I hope to transmit the shining energy in Spring. One common thread in my work here is the focus of my design on the forms, lines, that envelop each element, which I make shine, like the stars, to show the energy that they emanate. This is a technique, which I call shining technique, that I have created and adapted to the different mediums exposed here.

This is my first public exhibition. In fact it is my first exhibition ever as I have never exposed any art before, not even in school, as I don’t have any formal education or training in art. I am lucky enough to have discovered art creation, learned how to draw with a book and found my raison d’être by chance.

I hope that my exhibition will make you look differently, possibly wonder, at the beauty that Spring radiates all around us.