Frühling – Stadtbiliothek Meerbusch

17 March – 21 April 2017
Stadtbiliothek Meerbusch

Je sens un changement
imperceptible et fébrile
qui me remplit le cœur
un renouveau qui commence
un espoir, une invitation,
à croire que l’heure
de se ressourcer et réveiller
est bel et bien arrivée

Spring is an incredible time that I am always looking forward to, longing for. Birds flock and sing louder, crisper. Flowers appear, bloom, grow. Active bees are busy all around. Air is full of hope, of a renouveau. Nature blooms and shines in front of us.

Through the works that I present in this exhibition, I hope to transmit the shining energy in Spring. One common thread in my work here is the focus of my design on the forms, lines, that envelop each element, which I make shine, like the stars, to show the energy that they emanate. This is a technique, which I call shining technique, that I have created and adapted to the different mediums exposed here.

This is my first public exhibition. In fact it is my first exhibition ever as I have never exposed any art before, not even in school, as I don’t have any formal education or training in art. I am lucky enough to have discovered art creation, learned how to draw with a book and found my raison d’être by chance.

I hope that my exhibition will make you look differently, possibly wonder, at the beauty that Spring radiates all around us.

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